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Nature brims with mystery and intrigue. It is lush, dense and complete. The primal, tangible, and intangible forces that form matter, from which our being, our very nature, emerges... it is this which interests me most. I am fascinated with what was here before, what lives and breathes now, with humankind’s relationship to matter..... The being of nature. This fills me with awe and wonder.

What defines the line between human and animal or plant and animal, between knowledge and acknowledgement? What kind of relationship do we have with the plant and animal kingdom; with the world we inhabit which in so many ways defines how we live ? How do we establish harmony or dominance in the world and where do those boundaries lie?

In nature, the secrets of life and death in plants and animals parade for us in the place of the known, unknown and the unknowable. With unflinching honesty, nature holds a mirror for us to see how we relate to the world around us.

Drawing makes me pay attention. It entices me into the mystery of nature and the landscape of memory. It is a way of bringing order to the world I know and to the preconscious world of which I know so little. This feeds my heart and soul and nourishes my art.

Neverne Covington