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March 2nd 2011

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Neverne Covington’s edition of six artists’ books is part of the traveling exhibition of the MIMB, Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books. Juried by Christine Rom, Library Director at The Cleveland Institute of Art, and Michael Loderstedt, Professor of Art and Kent State University.

The traveling exhibition begins in Feb. 2011 at Murray State University and at the Art House in Cleveland, Ohio. For a complete list of Host Institutions and International Host counties, please visit HYPERLINK ""

The First edition: Southern Graphics Council Archives. (This set will travel in the US.)
Second edition: Washington University in St. Louis permanent collection. (This set will travel in US.)
Third edition: Traveling Exhibition. (This set will travel internationally.)
Fourth edition: The University of Akron. (This set will travel internationally.)
Fifth edition: Spare. (This set will travel internationally
Sixth edition: Property of the artist. Artist keeps the rest of edition.
Every MIMB books will go to selected permanent collections.

The magic of this exhibition is the incomparable variety and miraculous ingenuity of these one hundred seventy books by artists from around the world.  It is as though Gutenberg’s revolution happened in some other universe, and we find ourselves again to be a public that is thirsty for the handmade, the tactile object, the book as art, and we have suddenly discovered a whole generation of artists ready to deliver.

These are visual voyages, painterly poems, and worlds in microcosm, experimental excretions, and microscopic realms made monumental.  The artist may build the book like an architect, assemble it like a garment, narrate it like cinema, or use it to showcase their images, gallery-style.  The approaches are beyond limit.

Every Artists’ books will be photographed and listed on and

Publication: 140 pages of MIMB II catalogue will be printed by (print on demand publisher)




For Immediate Release

Contact Neverne Covington

Neverne Covington is currently exhibiting new work in the exhibition
Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and The Sublime

January 14th – March 25th
909 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33705
727 898 6068

Neverne Covington’s paintings, drawings, prints and artist’s books reflect a quest for beauty and an inquiry into the transient and the eternal, the known and the unknowable. I explore seeing beyond the focal point to discover color and texture as well as the forms, shapes, patterns and infinite manifestations of nature. 

She works in oil, acrylic, encaustic, and printmaking ink on paper, canvas and panels. Her process straddles the line between control, spontaneity and intuition and is infused with a sense of wonder It entices the viewer into the mystery of nature and the landscape of memory.
This fascination with the fauna and flora of Florida resulted in a recent public art commission to paint a site-specific, twenty-foot mural of fruits and vegetables surrounding the entrance to the cafeteria at the new All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg. Other public collections that contain my larger works include the Epi Center in Clearwater and the City of Clearwater.

Neverne Covington’s drawings, prints, paintings and sculpture explore childhood, language, landscape, memory, and the Gothic south. Neverne Covington’s work has been exhibited at the Tampa Museum of Art, the Brevard museum of Art, the State Capital and various venues throughout Florida and at the Museum of the South in Alabama. She recently completed a twenty foot mural commissioned fro the new All Children’s Hospital, in St. Petersburg, FL. She is the recipient of three artist enhancement grants from the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs and an artist resource grant from the Pinellas County Arts Council. She has work in both private and public collections.