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Florida Printmakers 14th Competition:
International Print and Drawing Exhibition
juried by Robert Watson

Between Circumstance and Fate 72 X 50

Between Circumstance and Fate 72 X 50

“Special Recognition” selections were reserved until after the work was installed.  I feel that prints and drawings have individual qualities that can often only be accurately assessed with hands on inspection.  Much of this visual information sometimes is lost when transformed into digital and slide formats.

I never satisfied with a pecking order for individual award selections, so I choose seven extraordinary pieces to give a nod to:

Neverne Coving “Between Circumstance and Fate” …..



Tampa Weeklyplanet
April 26, 2006
Megan Voeller

The Jester 18 X 14 X 10

The Jester 18 X 14 X 10

Baby’s got a Gun: Necessary anger and crafty feminism in St Pete.

“Neverne Covington’s saucy wall-mounted sculptures dare to go there.  Each of four roughly 8” x 8” squares is mischievously evocative of female “pleasure”—sporting chunky seed pods that peep out of flesh-colored silicone, and eruption of white kid leather fingers, a tuft of fur, and –most delightfully—a handful of plastic capsules that simultaneously evoke clitoris and vibrator.  If the fur-lined teacup of surrealist Meret Oppenheim got a makeover at Toys in Babeland, it might look like this.”



St Petersburg Times
Art Previews
August 5, 2004
Lennie Bennett

Treeswept 50 X 100

Treeswept 50 X 100 

One by land, one by sea-Two artist exhibiting at the Arts Center reference nature in different ways.

“Garden of Dreams” is a somewhat misleading title for an exhibition of new work by Neverne Covington and Rachael Simmons at the Arts Center.  Neither artist presents us with anything remotely resembling a garden, though the natural world is a commanding presence in their prints and drawings.  It’s a world closely observed then reinvented in their imaginations, which are prodigious.  And sometimes dark.
…..But Covington’s lush treatment in spare monotones celebrates the organic glory of life observed close up.  Landscapes bathed in black, illuminated by  mysterious, stark lighting, are an implicit acknowledgement that life is in a continuous process of decomposition from the moment of conception.



St Petersburg Times
Neighborhood Times
January 3, 2010
Sandra J. Gadsden, Editor

At Hospital, a community of Art

The All Children’s Hospital foundation set aside money in the construction budget for various amenities, including $250,000 for art.  Some of the money was used to purchase artwork, but the committee, under the leadership of Barbara Sansone, was charged with commissioning original work by local artists.
The committee eventurally selected the work of 40 artists, 36 from Florida and all but four of those from the greater St Petersburg metropolitan area.  “Of the 40, there were eight commissions, plus Ray King; the rest were purchases of existing work,” said Wykell.

Included in the commissioned work is a mural at the entrance of the hospital cafeteria by local artist Neverne Covington, who spent weeks on scaffolding to complete the work.



St Petersburg Times
Lennie Bennette

Always Wear Clean Underwear 26 X 36

Always Wear Clean Underwear 26 X 36 

Art and Nature at Studio@620

Up now is Neverne Convington: “Outside It Was Hot,”  Covington’s haunting, mysterios natural images bring dead plant material back to life with lush renderings and dramatic lighting that seems to set them in motion.  Also on view is a new series of drawings of children with the formal poses and oversized heads o early American portraits.   What’s different is the psychological content, not unlike Covington’s inanimate subjects, which hints of subversion beneath a beautiful surface.  The series is based on and titled with common phrases every child has heard, usually more than a few times, such as Wipe Off That Gin Before It Sticks Forever.